Our offering changes throughout the year. Using our polytunnels we can start certain crops off early and extend their growing season but it is always done hand in hand with Mother Nature. 

You won't find us offering strawberries in December or Chillies in February.

Who are our customers?

We believe that everyone appreciates quality, that's why we sell directly to professional chefs at restaurants, pubs and hotels alongside keen amateurs at Marlow's monthly market.

Whether it's borage flowers for your summer drinks, petite Alpine strawberries for your Eton mess or Jerusalem artichokes for roasting with your Sunday joint you'll notice the difference with our produce

Edible flowers 

Edible flowers can make a tasty addition to a dish, providing colour, texture and even nutritional benefits.


Borage is also know as 'Starflower' Starflower oil has many health benefits.

From June we have white, blue and occasionally pink flowers available.


Violas are a versatile edible flower that can be added to drinks, used to decorate cakes and added to salads to give a touch of vibrant colour.


Marigolds provide a slight carrot flavour to a dish whereas nasturtiums give a peppery, wasabi-character.


Courgette flowers are wonderful stuffed and steamed or deep fried in a tempura batter. 

Cocktail time!

Let your imagination run wild with edible flowers and drinks; cucumber flowers will give a subtle taste to a summer punch, violas in ice cubes will brighten a gin and tonic. Although not a flower, our cucamelons are a crunchy, tasty addition to drinks and our small wild strawberries will provide a delicate combination of strawberry and pineapple flavours. 


We use our polytunnels to kick-start the growing season.


We sow chillies in February and March. Chillies plants benefit from an early sowing as they have a long growing season, some taking up 100 days to reach maturity.  

We also start our aubergine, courgette, tomato and brassicas plants in the tunnel. Once the frosts have passed and the tender young plants have been hardened off they are planted outside in the warm soil.


We use black ground cover material to warm the soil. Just a few extra degrees of heat can make a real difference in establishing your crop

Plant health

At Maxwell and Webb Potager we know that a healthy, vigorous plant will be better equipped to deal with pests and diseases.


Using the highest horticultural grade growing media, fertilisers and compost additives, we give our plants the best possible start in life. 

There are no guarantees in horticulture but we try our utmost to establish and maintain all our plants to the highest possible standard.

This requires vigilance and attention. There's always a job to do in the garden.